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Read what our customers have to say:

Received the quilts today - amazingly fast delivery! They are everything I had hoped they would be. They are a perfect baby gift and I couldn't be more pleased. I will definitely pass on your info to friends. Thanks again, Kathy

I received the quilt. I am thrilled beyond belief. It is everything I was looking for. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Thank you so much. I appreciate the excess refund. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I expect I will be placing a new order soon. Thanks again. Susan - NJ

Hi Donna, just got back from out of town and the quilt was waiting for me. Very cute, thank you. Debbie - CA

Got the quilt and it is beautiful, it is perfect and exactly have I wanted and even more so... Craig - NC

yes love the quilt, your work is beautiful! Craig - NC

I can't believe I finally can see one in person! The picture is one thing, but to see the quilts up close and to be able to touch them is quite another. They are even more adorable than I imagined. And, soft, soft, soft. LOVE them! I truly couldn't be happier with them and they are definitely even better than I hoped they would be. I'm so glad our paths crossed cos you are truly a treasure. Each time I look at one of your quilts (even the pictures on your website), I can't help but smile. Thank you so much for sharing your creative talents with the rest of the world. You are leaving a mark on this world that will last generations. Cathy - IN

Donna, It turned out beautiful! I love it! I can't wait to order one for my own grandchild as soon as it is born...not sure if it is a boy or a girl you will hear back from me soon! Thank you so much to the love and thoughtfulness you put into your work....truly works of art! Thanks again, Kathie - IL

We received the quilt. It is so cozy and beautiful! I am sure Mollie will love it when I give it to her in the fall. thank you so much for making it for us. Anne - CA

Hi Donna, I just got the quilt and love it! It's just perfect and I can't wait to give it to them for the baby! The colors work perfectly together and it reflects exactly what I had in mind for the father and son theme. Thank you so much for tackling this for me! Cathy - IN

Hi Donna! Smiles, smiles, smiles! they are so adorable and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! These are my first two tied quilts and so very soft. They are even sweeter than the pictures! Oh, Donna, I truly am so happy with them, so thank you!! You are awesome! Cathy - IN

"Donna, the quilt magician!!! Our 4 year old son went through an incredibly traumatic time this past year, during which his favorite blanket was lost. To say he was devastated is an understatement! I have spent the past year trying, without luck, to replicate it for him. I have contacted perhaps 50 'custom' quilters, most of whom were helpful at first, then led me to yet another dead end. Along came Donna ~ my joke is now that God controls the internet as I found her there :-) After countless wonderful emails, we have our duplicate quilt!! The hard work, the heart and soul of the quilter poured into the finished product, the shared tears, the phone converstions (with a virtual stranger!!) ~ all have led up to this amazing moment I witness right now, of our son wrapped up, blissfully asleep, in his quilt he has been crying for, for nearly a year. Our family has been 'healed' ~ with a combination of hope , perseverance and the desire of Donna to help. Thanks is not enough, but it is all I have. Despite the prognosis of the 'experts', of this I am sure ~ he will be fine. With unending gratitude for the restoration of hope in a small child, and with much love, Joshua's Family." - Canada

"Joshua's angel quilt was such a success that I had no choice but to order another quilt for our younger son Daniel. The 'real love' print is so beautiful and exactly matches our little guy's personality :-) as with our first custom order, Donna could not have been more accommodating, and the emails we exchange have become a sort of link to a person I've never met, but who has been responsible for a lot of happy smiles in our family. Thank you so much again for everything you've done ~ the quilts are lovely, but more than that, you can just feel the love that has gone into them. That is a gift that is rare. Thank you Donna for creating such magic for our family!! with gratitude, the happy Loewen clan." - Canada

"ahhhh, donna, how DO you keep outdoing yourself!! When my oldest son matthew and his wife tanya had their first child, we were able to give little katie the handmade quilt that had been her daddy's when he was a newborn. Now with them expecting their second child, it became more and more obvious to me that this child needed his or her own heirloom quilt ~ just a little something special from gramma!! It didn't take long before you popped into my head ~ easy i guess when we've stayed in touch the past few years, and when Joshua's and Daniel's quilts remain front and centre in their worlds! The quilt, which arrived just a few days after Clint was born, is absolutely PERFECT for their family and for him!! Having just moved onto the farm that my son grew up on, the cottage-y feel of the fat and lazy dairy cow print could NOT be better!! As my family continues to grow, so does our family of 'Cozy Baby Quilts' ~ thank you donna for being such an integral part of my children's and grandchildren's heirlooms!! with love, the Loewens in Canada :-)

"OMG I love it ~ You are so very talented!! They all loved it and were very impressed with what I found. Tammy, the mom-to be, almost cried when she got it. She has been having trouble finding things with Peter Rabbit to go in the baby's room. So the quilt was a big help to her, thank you so much!!" - Kim - VA

"Donna, Thanks for the inquiry. We did receive the quilt and it was in good condition. Thanks for everything." - Bill - TX

"Hello Donna! I did receive my, or should I say my child's quilt. ;) It was everything I expected and more. The detail in the stitching and the perfection of the overall quilt is remarkable. I am very satisfied with the product and thank you for the dedication you put into it. It was definitely worth all the searching I had to do to find you on the net! It was a needle in a hay stack, but I found my Eeyore!! Again I thank you for your professionalism and time!" - Nora - GA

"Donna, The quilt arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thanks for taking the time to package it properly to prevent possible harm during shipping. The quilt is beautiful and the personalization was perfect. I can't wait to give the to my nephew. I know this is a gift that will be used and treasured for many years to come. Thanks again" - Loretta - NJ

"Hi, Just wanted to let you know I got my quilt today. It is so beautiful!! Thanks so much!!" - Becky - PA

"Hi Donna, We got it and everyone loved it. Thanks!!" - Wendy - MA

"Hi Donna, I just wanted you to know that I did receive the quilt. I just love it. The colors and workmanship is just gorgeous!" - Mary - IL

"Today I received my very personal and absolutely wonderful quilt for Shannon. I can't wait to wrap her up in it tonight. I will try to remember to take a digital photo of her with the quilt and send it to you. It will become a keepsake that will remind her of me and all the wonderful people I work with who gave me so much support during this journey. And now it will also remind us of you, Donna. I will share your web site with the many moms-to-be in my life these days. Take care and thanks again." Cheryl - IL

"Donna thank you so much for the quilt, I love it, I love it, I love it!!! My husband loves it and he thought I was crazy for spending that much. It is so perfect. I just want to thank you so much it's even better than I thought it would be thank you!! PS: The baby is using it as we speak and it looks so good on him and in the room. We got it this morning!!!" - Angela - Ohio

"Hi Donna, I love my froggie quilt. I have had a lot of complements on it thank you very much. My little one was born May 5th, 05 he weighed 8lbs 11oz, he and mom are doing just fine and I'm the happiest grandma in the world!! Thank you again, we will treasure this quilt forever. Sincerely happy grandma!" - Lori - MN

"It's here and it's perfect!!! Thank you so much! I will keep your information for when I need a baby gift for someone in the future. Thanks again!" - Jennifer - IA

"The quilt is really quite awesome! I think they will really like it and use it. I appreciate the quick service and the fabulous design. Now I only hope that the baby is a Red Sox fan ;)." - Jennifer - MA

"Donna, I wanted to write and tell you what a pleasure it was working with you on the quilt. I absolutely love the result, it's PERFECT! You truly have a gift and I thank you for putting such care and precision into making my quilt into a beautiful piece of artwork. I WILL be ordering more quilts from you in the future. God Bless." - Wendy - IL

"The blanket is absolutely adorable. I can not wait to present it to my husband for fathers day. Thank you so much for making it available and getting it to me so quickly. I look forward to referring Cozy Baby Quilts to everyone!" - Katherine - CA

"Donna, we received the quilt this weekend. You know when you can't see something in person that you purchased and you're not sure what to expect? Well, that's how we were but you even did better than our expectations. The quilt is awesome and it's bigger than we thought so we can use it longer. Plus the little gift package you sent was a real nice touch. You really know what you're doing, thank you again." - Bob and Brenda - MN

"I have received my quilt and would like to say thank you very much it is beautiful and it definitely completes my nursery the way I had it pictured in my mind." - Stacy -

"The quilt is beautiful, so much better than commercial made bedding. It arrived here FAST and in perfect condition. Thanks so much!!" - Jeannie - OR

"Donna, My mother wanted me to tell you that she "loves" the quilt she received from you today. She is looking forward to giving it to her granddaughter."
"Donna, My mother received her (2nd) quilt from you today in the mail. She is very satisfied with your work. She wanted me to tell you that your quilts are the perfect gift to give to the special people in her life. My mother is 86 and she has enjoyed the experience of buying the quilts from you online." Bob and Myrtle - RI

"I did receive the quilt and it is beautiful! I really love the size and the colors in it. Thank you so much again for my quilt and I'm sure my baby boy is going to enjoy it also."
Misty - MS

"Your quilts look beautiful. I really look forward to receiving this one. It's for my first grandchild! Thank you." - Anna - MA

"Hi Donna, The quilt is lovely - exactly what I was looking and hoping for. Thanks for the great quilt and excellent service." - Christy - IL

"Hi Donna, I have just received the quilt and am very happy with how it turned out. I'm sure my first grandson will get a lot of use out of it. I'll be sure to keep you in mind for any other additions to the family!" - Marcelle - FL

"Donna, I picked up the quilt today and wanted to let you know that I love it! It is adorable and will fit beautifully in the nursery--The quilt is for my best friends baby and she will probably cry when she sees it, thanks again!" Renee - OH

"Hi Donna, We loved the quilt it's very beautiful, we could not believe how gorgeous it is thanks again. Maybe later I'll send you a picture of our baby and her quilt. Take care and God Bless your family." Joe - PR

"I received the quilt just fine and it's very pretty, thanks. Although, I must say I thought I was buying a kit to make it with so I don't know how I got confused - it doesn't take much. :) Thanks my daughter will love it." Kathy - MI

"Donna, I did receive the quilt and I was thrilled when I saw it. It was the first mail I opened when I returned home, it made my day. Thank you so much. You can bet that you will be hearing from me again as soon as we know the sex of the baby. Thanks again." Caroline - NY

"Dear Donna, You truly outdid yourself! It is absolutely beautiful...better than I even imagined it would be. I hope we can contact you in the future for more of our events. I was lucky to find such a skilled quilter just by hopping on the internet.

"Donna, Just received the quilt yesterday. It is beautiful! The embroidered patch is perfect. My sister is here visiting and she loved it too. Thank you so much, we can't wait to send it to our friends." Amy - VA

"Hi Donna, I got it!!! had to walk up to the post office in 90 degrees with an 18 mo who wanted to be carried and a 5 week old in the stroller but I couldn't wait LOL. BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT! My husband was so surprised. He is doing our new son's room in Chicago Bears. Thank you so much! We love it!" Jamie - OH

"Hi Donna, I saw the quilt last night. It exceeded my expectations! I'm so happy and I can't wait for us to pass it on to the new mom to be. It was fun creating this with you because it seemed that you were just as excited as us. Many thanks for doing this on short notice!" Carol and Tracy - OR

"Thank you so much for the follow up! I'm telling everyone...its beautiful. Thank You, thank you, thank you!!" Kellie - NJ

"Hi Donna, wanted to let you know we got the quilt today - it's so beautiful! You do wonderful work! Hopefully, we will have more baby quilts in our future!" Jennifer - WA

"Donna, We received the baby quilt. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so very much! My niece is having twins in a few months , so I am sure we will be back in touch with you soon for some new orders." Diane - MD

"Dear Donna, I absolutely LOVE the quilt!!! It is better than I imagined! I am going to try to get my son's baby clothes ready for you this weekend if you are up for doing another quilt. Thank you!" Jessica - NV

"We rec'd the quilt. It is precious. I'm sure they will love it, as fanatical as they are about the Red Sox. Thank you." Susan - NC

"Donna, I just received the package and the quilts and pillows are gorgeous!! I am so pleased!!! Each quilt is so unique I want to keep all three. (one is for my Mom and the other for my sister) The pillows are just beautiful! I can't wait to give them to my grandmothers. Thank you for doing such a magnificent job. You really need to raise your prices!!! I called my Mom and told her I had tears in my eyes I was so thrilled with them. I will be sure to give all my Mommy friends your information. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!" Erin - NJ

"Hi Donna! The baby quilt is beautiful and perfect for our new nursery. I appreciate all you hard work on it! I love all the fabrics... it is so sweet! Thanks again for everything!" Stephanie - PA

"Hi Donna - Mom received the quilts on Monday - she says they're "beautiful" and that a "perfectionist" made them. Thanks so much, I'm very excited to them this weekend. And I'll definitely let any future aunts or uncles know about you!" Jason - CA

"I got the quilt today and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever did it perfect and it's just what I imagined! I can not thank you enough and it will be cherished forever in memory of Bailey, thank you again!" Theresa - GA

"Donna - I received the quilt. Thank you so much, it is beautiful. I can not wait to see the look on my friends face when I give it to her! Thanks again." Melissa - NJ

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